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Video Uses by Industry:

TheVisualTV Network will create the ultimate visuals for your business. Wherever there is a TV monitor, we can help you enhance your business atmosphere.

AIRLINES: From ticket counter to the boarding gate to the seat on the plane TheVisualTV Network can create a virtual voyage that lets the traveler become immersed in their destination. We will also produce a visual itinerary of all the destinations the airline services. This promotes the airline by offering a unique service to their passengers while on board and has endless business crossover possibilities.

HOTELS: TheVisualTV Network will produce a stylized visual experience that not only shows the property and its services by conveying the unique ambience the hotel has to offer, but by also immersing the guests in the cultural atmosphere of their destinations.

The video will provide them with places of interest, local cuisine, shopping areas that are local to the hotel as well as places off the beaten path. This customized video will play on every room TV and in the lobby and serve as a virtual concierge. It will also allow the hotel to advertise internally all their other hotel venues. For example, Rome can show Paris, and Paris can show Rome.

HOSPITALS: Research shows that watching scenes of nature enhances ones sense of well-being. TheVisualTV Network's imagery will provide visual therapy to patients. By putting TheVisualTV network in the lobbies, waiting rooms and in every patient's room, it can provide tranquility and relaxation, which promotes calmness and healing.

DOCTORS/DENTISTS OFFICE: Doctors offices are often stressful places for waiting patients. By installing TheVisualTV Network in the waiting rooms and treatment rooms patients can be more relaxed and feel less anxious by viewing calming imagery.

OFFICES/RECEPTION: Welcome your clients and visitors with beautiful calming imagery. By installing TheVisualTV Network in the reception areas your visitors can enjoy the peaceful moment before the meeting begins.

RESTAURANTS: TheVisualTV Network can customize stylized visual footage based on the theme of each restaurant. This will enhance the dining experience by recreating an authentic local environment related to the type of food being served. For example, Italy for Italian food, Japan for Sushi, and so on.

BAR/LOUNGES: These venues can change their atmosphere by replacing endless sports, news and reality shows with TheVisualTV Network programming and create a more intimate lounge setting.

SPAS: Spas are an obvious choice to use TheVisualTV Network. By providing tranquil, relaxing programming it will enhance the spa experience.


  • Cruise lines
  • Trains
  • Ferries
  • Ports of Entry
  • Lobbies
  • Seminars
  • Shops
  • Travel Agencies

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