Submit a Clip

If you are a videographer and want to submit clips to TheVisualTV Network here are the technical requirements:

  • All footage must be edited. The length may vary but no shorter than 3 minutes for a video or 30 seconds for a Scenic View Card.

  • Longer length videos are to be shot in 2K - 4K resolution.

  • Time of day is important so harsh shadows and overhead lighting is not ideal. Early morning and late afternoon are the best times. Unique footage outside these conditions will always be considered.

  • Footage must tell a visual story, using lens choices and angles to maximize the view. Extreme detailed close-ups, time lapse, slow motion and slow pans are acceptable.

  • An edited piece with music must contain all publication rights. It is better to submit with only natural sound track.

  • Footage submitted must be able to be re-edited. Editing programs that are acceptable are the following: Premiere, Avid and Final Cut.

  • Footage can be sent in a flash drive, hard drive or over a streaming website as long as the footage is not too compressed resulting in quality loss.

  • Fees are determined based upon footage use.

  • All footage rights are exclusive to TheVisualTV Network.

  • Credits will be given on our website.

  • A sample can be submitted in any High Quality Format

    Please submit through the contact page or call 866-717-1230